23 August 2010

Amazon cargo

You see some really interesting things on the Amazon, like a boatload or two of sheep! Photo taken in January 2007.


  1. Oh so interesting! It's amazing they don't fall or jump off in fear.

  2. What a shot!I didn't know that there are sheep in the Amazon, amazing!!!!!Did you have problems with insects there?I'm allergic, I'm always afraid of insects.:)
    **the sheep are so peaceful inside the boat, I think they know how to swim!I would be terrified! :)

  3. Very, very cool, Halcyon. I didn't see any boats with sheep. No, it wasn't my birthday the other day, but thanks for asking. We were in Maui on my birthday and I took the bird photo then. So the photo was dated on my birhtday.


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