05 August 2010

Friedrichstraße station

One of the lovely S-bahn stations in Berlin. In the old days, there were stops for both east and west Berlin in this station and it was a complicated maze. Today it's still a major hub for the U-bahn, S-bahn and suburban trains and there's a big shopping center inside too. My favorite part is the beautiful interior of the S-bahn waiting areas. How can you not be impressed with all that brick work and those windows?

Photo taken in June 2010.


  1. Girl...you have such smart eyes to capture beauty.This is sooo impressive!LOVE this picture and the perspective/powerful!
    You are right those bricks are outstanding!
    Congratulations for this shot!

  2. Don't you wish we had this stuff all over the U.S.? Wonderful!!!

  3. This is super... bricks, windows. I was in this station before the wall came down when I had not yet discovered my love of photography. Now I can enjoy it again through your eyes.

  4. I think it says something important about a city that puts money and effort into making something like this almost a work of art instead of just some old ugly wall.

  5. Gorgeous brick work! Love it too.

    Thanks for sharing — I doubt if I'll ever get to Berlin. ;)


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