24 August 2010

Big man

One of the highlights of my trip was snorkeling in the waters outside Key West. I was just treading water and all of a sudden this beautiful sea turtle surfaced next to me. I could have reached out an touched him!

He was so big, I couldn't even get him in the whole frame. My husband (who was on the boat) said he had an arm span of at least four feet. Spectacular! Photo taken in August 2010.


  1. Welcome back!wow this picture is so impressive, adorable critter and the colour of the water!
    Glad to know you enjoy such a special place!I want to see more pictures!please!

  2. How lucky can you get?! That's awesome! Both the experience and your shot!

  3. My few times swimming with turtles has been a total thrill. They are so laid back in a way, and yet they don't really like us in their space. You can tell by the way they look at you!

  4. How neat! That had to have been amazing!

  5. I love this! Great (big) blue!

  6. Okay, I found it! Super shot! I would've gotten so excited I'd have dropped my camera!


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