09 August 2010

Round bench

Parts of this bench and tree were reflected in my reflection post last weekend. This little shopping square is tucked inside the Hackescher Markt area of Berlin.

It certainly looks like a peaceful place to rest your weary feet after some grueling shopping. Photo taken in June 2010.


  1. I love Berlin, and you have found a charming shop there!Look those dresses so are adorable!!!
    And for sure that bench is beautiful and strategically situated, because I'm SURE Cezar would be there in that bench ,very calm, waiting for me while I should be enjoying the charming store,doing some shop!

  2. I knew it lookded so familiar!!!
    Great place:)

  3. It doesn't look like it would be "grueling" shopping at those nice, little shops. And I do like to sit while Lois Anne shops, so the bench would be perfect.

    Do any of the shops sell golf clubs? Not that it matters, I can't hit anything with the ones I have.

  4. Reminds me of a cool round bench in Oxford. I got great scans from professional b&w negs using the cheaper CanoScan (Cannon) desktop scanner. I have the 8800F, only a little more expensive, and not necessarily better. May be faster for doing lots of negs/slide, but I'm not sure. I would get the cheaper one if doing it again. I liked the software.

  5. I bet it's popular at lunch time :-)

  6. That's where my husband would park himself if I went anywhere near those shops!

  7. Jacob: This area of town is where all the hipsters shop, so there's not much in the way of golf clubs. :)


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