29 January 2012

Just hanging out

This big kitty found the perfect spot for a cat nap. It doesn't look too comfortable to me, but I'm not a cat! Photo taken in December 2011.


  1. Cat, big or small, are very funny critters. They can find comfort in the most contorted positions. But I'll betcha this one could come to life awful quick in an unsuspecting rabbit walked underneath the tree!

  2. Cats have quite the knack for finding a great place for a nap... They have no problem relaxing and I think that we could take a lesson or two!


  3. He he he! Excellent! Bravo!
    Je vais fermer 'Sky my Camera...'
    Mais si tu veux me rendre visite tu peux me trouver ici

    Belle semaine****

  4. That kitty is well camouflaged on that tree. I am not sure I would like to wake it up if I am near that place.


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