17 January 2012

She's a lady

You'll see a lovely lady iguana posing right there where the two branches of this tree meet. You might wonder how I know that she's a she. Check back tomorrow and I'll reveal my secrets! Photo taken in December 2011.


  1. It's so gray! Our daughter had about 15 of these things on her property in south Florida but it got so cold down there last year, they all died. Haven't seen any this year at all.

    I'll be back for your secret. :-)

  2. She is a beauty and like posing:)

  3. SUch good camoflauge! Now I want to know how you know she's a girl, I hope you didn't do anything improper to that lizard :)

  4. Love these ladies, except when you find one on the ceiling of your bungallow, as it happened in Belize! :-)))

  5. I've been looking forward to seeing your Belize animals. When I was there I didn't get to see many because I'm so heat-intolerant I had to stay air conditioned. Love this lizard!


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