29 May 2010

Brille laden

I really liked this optician's shop window. It's like a cross between glasses seller and gallery! Photo taken in Birmingham, Alabama in May 2009.

Click on the reflections link to see more reflections from around the world!


  1. J'aime bien le titre et l'atmosphère chaude du magasin !

  2. c'est diffèrent, j'aime beaucoup!
    Léia :)

  3. The light makes all of the reflections look like molten gold - absolutely beautiful and rustic looking!

  4. Cool. It's sometimes so interesting to see what happens when peoples' interests combine. More places should look like this :)

  5. cool! I never seen such scene before. Optical shop is always bright. But this one is unique.

  6. I had to stare for a sec to see the reflection. It sort of reminded me of a crystal ball from an old tv show. Very cool.


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