27 May 2010

Pensacola beach

The beautiful white sand beaches of the gulf of Mexico. Let's hope they stay that way! Photo taken in July 2009.


  1. oh sweet friend,
    What a fabulous day, summer, trip, moment...beach! wow!
    You travel so much, I love to visit your pictures and posts here!

  2. A beautiful beach! I do so hope it stays that way - no oil blotches to mar it. I hear maybe the oil leak is capped - they'll know if it takes in a day or two. I'm praying.

  3. Thanks for posting the things that would be lost or damaged if/when the spill reaches those areas. Your white-sand beach the other day was such a strikingly perfect example of that. So sad, actually criminal.

  4. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the beaches! I'm headed to Key West for the long weekend. Hopefully I'll have plenty beach shots on my return!

  5. Its beautiful! Love the beach.

  6. This is a super place, yes let's hope. I for one am praying for everyone and everything's sake that they have finally got a handle on this horrendous oil spill.


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