31 May 2010

Football fever

Football is as popular in Berlin as in any big European city. These were the crowds heading to see Hertha play in April 2009.


  1. :) Are you ready for the World Cup Soccer?
    Have a nice Monday

  2. I'm guessing this is REAL football (AKA soccer), not American football. I remember the crowds in Germany whenever there was a large "football" game going on, and I was confused for a while.

  3. Leia: I am ready for the World Cup! We will be in Berlin for part of it and I am looking forward to the party!!

    Clytie: You are correct. These were Herta fans (that's Berlin's soccer team) taking the subway to the stadium. If you have a ticket for the soccer match, you can take the subway for free! It's a good idea, but it gets really crowded.


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