17 May 2010

Rennes plage

In Paris they set up a beach on the banks of the Seine during the summer. Rennes tried their own twist on summer fun by setting up chaises longs on the main square for residents and visitors to enjoy!

Photo taken in August 2005.


  1. That really looks inviting! I love the colors in this picture.

  2. Nice idea, but not much shade if the day is hot. It makes a pretty photo.

    The beach you saw is near Lahaina. My Maui geography was pretty mixed up until I saw a whole map. The book we got at the car rental had all these partial maps. Very confusing. We stayed at Napili, and I'll have some pix of that area soon. Where do you stay there?

  3. tapirgal: We were on a cruise, but I believe the port was in Lahaina. We also rented a car when we were there. It was cheaper than the scooter rental we had in Kona!!

    Can't wait to see more of your Hawaii pics. I loved it there. One of my best vacs.

  4. Cool idea, people there are charming because this place for rest a little bit during the day is beautiful!I wish they could do the same in Brazil or even here in Luxembourg!


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